Camel burger, Cafe Clock

I couldn’t leave Fes without trying the famed camel burger from Cafe Clock, a longtime Fes establishment catering to international crowds. And not, for that, a bad place. I had a delicious beet smoothie that I had trouble nursing before the meal itself. The burger was fine—good bun, nicely cooked fries, with a tasty sauce on top and surprisingly palatable cheese (which Morocco isn’t known for). But the burger was not outstanding, nor especially unique. The meat was gamey, like ground lamb, though tougher and more knotted.

Flavor: 2 / 5. There’s a reason you don’t see camel a bunch.

Fun: 1.5 / 5. It’s just a burger.

Funkiness: 3.5 / 5. You have to get points for camel. I just wish I had asked if they ever serve the hump.

Camel burger, Cafe Clock

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